Our candles & it's packaging are 100% biodegradable

Reuse, Recycle or Upcycle!

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What makes us Special ?

Soy Candles | 3 Wick Lux Soy Candle | Roshni Candle Studio

Clean Ingredients

We believe all things can be enjoyed best when its from nature and we strive to keep it as close as possible.

Our candles are made with all natural ingredients packaged organically.

Spice Scented

Spices have unique aroma and when they are blended with other fragrances then the result is spectacular olfactory experience.

Let us surprise you with our unique blended scents!

Minimalist & Biodegradable Packaging

We make conscious effort to package our candles in organic, natural and biodegradable materials coupled with minimal packaging to ensure our impact on Mother nature is as minimal as possible.

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